Brands are responding to significantly greater expectations from consumers, customers, employees, and investors to integrate social and environmental issues into their business.

Leading brands are delivering on traditional business metrics while demonstrably contributing to a more sustainable society by furthering strategic and important causes. This requires long-term view and concrete involvement from brands to ensure legitimacy and consistency.

Archipel&Co provides 360 support to help brands “walk the talk” and transform their purpose into impactful actions. Our methodology relies on a 4-step process:

– Definition of your brand social role to identify the right causes and prepare for consistent brand action;

– Building your Theory of Change to develop a unique approach to creating the necessary changes;

– Designing projects and establishing partnerships at the global and local level;

– Implementing iconic projects to build brand purpose proof.

With over a decade of expertise in impact-oriented strategies, our team works side-by-side with brand leadership and across functions as well as with other external agencies to find and deliver uncommon value!