We partner with clients beyond the insights and strategy phases to execute field tests, integrate inclusive approaches and embed social innovation. Based on our entrepreneurial and operational experience, Archipel&Co launched Impact Studio to support clients in the design, test, and iteration of pilot projects.

Impact Studio accelerates social innovation and incubates innovative offerings for Archipel&Co clients and partners. We can be an assistant, advisor or 100% driver of the project, combining the expertise and knowledge of Archipel&Co consultants, the agility of Archipel&Co entrepreneurs and an ecosystem of experts. 

We also support individual impact-driven intrapreneurs as well as collaborating with clients and partners to build intrapreneurial ecosystems. We design and execute programs to raise awareness, build capability, identify and support intrapreneurs inside organizations.

Case study: Eau Solidaire

To know more about our Impact Studio: margault.phelip@archipel-co.com