Our mission : partnering with organisations to support and accelerate their transition to an inclusive economy.

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We assist our clients in anticipating the new social issues that will a high negative or positive impact on their activity.

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Consumers Insights

Traditional market research methodologies are inappropriate for informal, emerging or precarious markets and do not provide robust and authentic insights. With Firmenich and the Naandi Foundation, Archipel&Co has developed a collaborative market research approach known as “Community Voices”.

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Inclusive Business strategy

Archipel&Co designs inclusive and sustainable strategies at headquarters, operational and commercial levels, in partnership with our clients’ functional, category, brand, country, factory leaders.

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Based on our entrepreneurial and operational experience, Archipel&Co launched Impact Studio in 2018, to support clients in the design, test, and iteration of pilot projects.

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Being able to demonstrate one’s social impact has become a key issue for organizations, whether they are public, private or associative. For 10 years, Archipel&Co has been helping its clients measure, improve and promote their contribution.

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