Once upon a time, there was the first third place dedicated to educational and inclusive innovation.

With Synergie Family, MCES and Make Ici.
Marseille, France

Archipel&Co joined forces with the bold and imaginative start-up, Synergie Family,
to design and finance the transformation of the massive, dis-used Ricard
factories into a social-impact village.

L'Épopée - Archipel&Co

Imagine a place that maximizes the positive potential of everyone who enters through learning and experience... Imagine a caring, innovative and vibrant training platform…

Imagine a conscious environment, dedicated to working with companies, non-profits and government agencies, to build a desirable future for all its inhabitants.

Imagine a village that gives you the right to dream, the power to do, and the space to vibe… This place exists. It is called l'Épopée. It is in Marseille.

At the crossroads between work, entertainment and creation, everyone can write and live their own epic. Located in Ricard's historic premises in Marseille, in Saint-Marthe, in the northern suburbs of the city, l'Épopée opened in February 2021.


From dream to reality:
impact remains core!

Archipel&Co mobilised its diverse skills from research to design to execution.

Project management, partner mobilisation (>250 contributors), social impact strategy, facilitation of collective intelligence and co-creation sessions: Archipel&Co was involved from definition, to positioning, to financing, to operationalisation. As useful as it is ambitious, this positioning is embodied in a mixed programme focused on three super-powers: learning, doing and sharing.

Today, l'Epopée welcomes innovative organisations and initiatives dedicated to training and support: social entrepreneurs, local culture creators and artists, to converge around a programme of events inspired by and open to the community and its challenges.

We are honored to be in partnership with Synergie Family, MCES and Make Ici and proud to apply our energy and capabilities to the creation of impactful and iconic places and spaces.

Key figures

12 000 sqm

1 500 people who can be accommodated

1 engaged and responsible restaurateur

Various social enterprises, artists and local entrepreneurs

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