Make it Clear - Archipel&co

Make it Clear

We apply multiple lenses and combine observation with data to build the evidence and knowledge necessary for good decisions.


We monitor mega-trends and societal tensions around social innovation to flag risks and identify opportunities for value creation and impact.

Youth employment

Estimated job opportunities for young people in the mobile industry by 2025. With GSMA.

Sub-Saharan Africa

Human rights

Identification and analysis of trends and weak signals at the intersection of human rights and business.
With L'Oréal.



Study to understand the digital practices of informal micro-entrepreneurs.
With Adeo, Orange, AXA and Air Liquide.

Abidjan, Ivory Coast - Nairobi, Kenya - Mumbai, India

Tastes and flavours

Studies to understand the food practices of low-income and emerging middle-class consumers to inform and inspire new product development.
With Firmenich.

Manila, Philippines - Jakarta, Indonesia

Plastic Ecosystem

In 2023, in support of market-based scale-up, Archipel&Co created profiles of WAT-SAN plastic manufacturers and distributors. This study was made possible by the [a]Partnership for Better Living

West African


We start from the end-user’s perspective and find the overlap with your strategic and impact objectives. We observe behaviour, unpack needs and map aspirations of individuals, partners, consumers or micro-entrepreneurs, to deliver actionable insights.

Make it Real

We’re your partner from ideation to execution.
We design, deliver & evolve high-impact solutions.

Make it Real - Archipel&co

Solidarity Water

Design and implementation of a community-based program to sustainably address water insecurity in Paris’ lower-income suburbs.
With Veolia Eau of Ile-de-France

150 municipalities in Ile-de-France

Flexible mobility

Design and testing of a multi-use, solar-powered, rural mobility platform and model.
With Renault.

Fatick and Thiès regions, Senegal

Ideate and test

Sleeves up and boots dirty. We accelerate social innovation with agile and rapid experimentation to test and evolve in real-world conditions. Joining client teams or running our own dedicated project team, we pilot, analyse and adjust product, service, engagement, operations for results and impact until it is ready for integration or spin-out.


We design, co-create and rework priorities, objectives, structures, behaviours to embed social impact in more sustainable operations. From strategic orientation (value, purpose, positioning, targets) to tactical execution (segmentation, distribution, logistics, marketing, incentives).

Small services, big impact

Design of the community concierge service Lulu dans ma Rue.

Paris, France


Support for strengthening the mango sector: creation of a brand to promote small producers and local processing companies.

Korhogo, Ivory Coast

Make it Matter - Archipel&co

Make it Matter

Understand and share what works, what didn’t, and why; improve what needs improving; share generously to accelerate social innovation and contribute to the movement.

Impact evaluation

Measurement & assessment are critical to proving and improving impact and value creation. The core objective of our approach is to learn and improve. We design theories of change and impact pathways. We quantify and qualify impact at system, organisation, and initiative level.


Impact assessment of the inclusive return-to-work platform for people without a professional network.
With Entourage.

Paris, Lille, Lyon


Annual study to evaluate the economic and social contribution of France’s leading peer-to-peer marketplace.


Emmaüs Connect

Publication of a whitepaper for the creation of community-based digital (re)employment channels.


Veolia Institute

Co-design and production of the FACTS bi-annual reports on the major issues of socio-ecological transformation.



For the work to be important, to really matter, it needs to scale. In global organisations, our intrapreneurial experience guides operationalisation and integration. Externally, we identify co-funders and partners. We believe that “sharing is scaling” so we always advocate for and share what works and communicate what we’ve learned as much as possible.