Our impact areas to make important happen

We work on four impact areas to help deliver a just transition
towards a more sustainable society: opportunities,
access, inclusive cities and natural systems.

Opportunities to work in and engage with inclusive value chains

It is often easier to find a market than a job because it is easier to find a client than an employer. However, in order to convert work to livelihood and livelihood to a career, it is essential to have access to training, social protection and opportunities for fair engagement with significant economic structures.

We support the design, operation and optimisation of value chains delivering economic, social and environmental value and impact by integrating the millions of self-employed workers and micro-entrepreneurs of the informal and SME sector.

We make it happen:

Access Facilitating access to goods and services

Changing the world starts with tangibly improving everyday life and creating pathways to aspiration. By meeting both basic needs and those self-defined, a priori secondary, pleasures. It means consuming in more conscious and circular ways, with more solidarity, and by choice.

We help brands define their purpose rooted in acute societal needs. We design and deliver purpose activations that deliver commercial, environmental and social impact. We work with leaders to understand, participate and succeed in future markets, improving people's daily lives.

We make it happen:

Inclusive Cities Inclusive cities as dynamic centres of creativity, commerce & culture

The city continues to embody, despite the hardships of confinement and real estate constraints, the promise of a better life: social mobility, cultural mixing, economic opportunity. We are convinced that every territory is still writing its story!

All cities, even the most troubled ones, have unique character, hidden resources and their own genius that can and should be activated. We support local authorities, entrepreneurs and city actors in designing and delivering sustainable, resilient and rejuvenating projects.

We make it happen:

Natural Systems Natural systems that sustainably deliver food, wellness & livelihoods

The climate is changing, resources are dwindling. All over the world, rural populations are on the frontlines between climate action and economic adaptation.

We help local agricultural cooperatives, small and medium-sized processors, large retailers and international companies to work together to establish more sustainable agricultural sectors that create shared economic value, build resilience and conserve the environment.

We make it happen: