For CGAP Financial inclusion, rurality and digital technology

Since it first appeared in Kenya in 2007, mobile money has continued to evolve and seems to be proving its worth as a lever for financial inclusion. While millions of unbanked people are enjoying the benefits of mobile money on a daily basis, some rural areas still seem far from these services.

With this in mind, CGAP has launched an ambitious three-year research project covering several countries, from Colombia to India, via Côte d'Ivoire and Morocco. The aim was to identify how players in the financial sector could, in different contexts, develop sustainable networks of CICO agents to accelerate financial inclusion in rural areas.

Archipel&Co has been entrusted with part of this major study. We headed for the Béni Mellal region in Morocco. The aim was to understand the obstacles and test solutions for adopting "M-Wallet" products.

Here's a summary of two years of complex and fascinating exploration.