Being able to demonstrate one’s social impact has become a key issue for organizations, whether they are public, private or associative.

Many drivers can encourage an organization to assess its contribution: demonstrate its uniqueness and stand out, advocate, be accountable to their funders, motivate their teams or optimize and accelerate the deployment of its activities…

For 10 years, Archipel&Co has been helping its clients measure, improve and promote their social impact and contribution.
We do this through four main steps, during which we strive to bring maximum value to our clients:

Theoretical framing: defining your theory of change, identifying major potential impacts, and building a narrative that highlights your uniqueness (by mobilizing existing academic frameworks and soliciting experts who can provide a fresh perspective on your activities and contribution).

Data collection: collecting qualitative and quantitative data to document your impacts. Archipel&Co has developed innovative and non-intrusive methodologies inspired by social sciences, allowing us to bypass biases and obtain reliable information from low-income populations. We cross-reference these data with public statistics to put them in perspective and give even more depth to the analysis.

Analysis and recommendations: analysis of the results and proposals for improvement to optimize your actions. Our core business remains consulting and we are convinced that impact assessment must be used to optimize your activities. We offer our clients both strategic and operational recommendations to help you improve the impact and deployment of your actions.

Promotion: design of customized, original and valuable deliverables that you can easily activate as part of your communication and/or advocacy strategy (e.g.: white paper, interactive website, film, magazine, computer graphics, etc. – designed in collaboration with our creative team)

Over the past 10 years, and thanks to a multi-disciplinary team with varied and complementary skills, we have conducted more than 120 evaluation studies for various clients (companies, NGOs, social entrepreneurs and foundations).

For example, since 2016, we have been evaluating the economic and social contribution of leboncoin, the leading online classified ad service in France (29 million unique users per month). This work was the subject of a white paper, published in 2021 on the occasion of the site’s 15th anniversary.

We also teach social impact evaluation at HEC and Sciences Po Paris.

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