We assist our clients in anticipating the new social issues that will a high negative or positive impact on their activity.

First we decrypt and analyse expectations from stakeholders from civil society (NGO, associations, think tanks, etc) either on a specific sector (energy, water, nutrition) or on a specific area (country mapping)

Then we identify the most promising social innovations that could serve as inspirations for our clients through our Inclusive Business Booster offer.  Inclusive Business Booster is a tailor-made analysis of latest trends,  initiatives and insights in the field of social innovation and inclusive business dedicated to the specific industry and issues of our clients, both in emerging and developed countries.

Then we deliver societal prospective, in which we document and identify the next social challenges for our clients. We bring decision support tools to integrate social issues into decision making process.

To know more about our tools, process and experience: david.menasce@archipel-co.com

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